Mutually Agreed Norms for Internet Intermediaries (MANII) is an initiative, supported by Taiwan Information Network Center (TWNIC), with an aim to establish a cyber norm to sustain the Internet order as well as social security and stability. The MANII is shaped via multi-stakeholder model with contribution from the local ISPs, digital content providers and telecom carriers.

MANII may cover various governance areas such as internet content copyright infringement, hate speech, youth protection, illegal content, misinformation, and criminal investigation support.

The current focus area of MANII is copyright infringement: an alternative dispute resolution mechanism is created as a first step and as a model.



TWNIC coordinated the local internet intermediaries to establish Internet Intermediary Governance Task Force (IIGTF) in order to discuss and shape the cyber norms. IIGTF is a neutral multistakeholder organization and the current participants include major local ISPs, tech companies and ICPs (Internet Content Providers).

The members of IIGTF include Chunghua Telecom, Taiwan Broadband Communications, Asia-Pacific Telecom, PChome, Taiwan Fixed Networks, Taiwan Mobile, FarEastone Telecom. Kbro Inc., CNS KBT, Catchplay, KKBox Technology, Microsoft Taiwan, Taiwan OTT Association, iQIYI, Satellite Television Broadcasting Association ROC, TGC Taiwan and Cité Media Holding Group.


MANII for Copyright Infringement

MANII for Copyright Infringement is a mechanism to handle copyright infringement disputes between the right owner and ISP. More specifically, whether the right owner and ISP should, and how to handle cases where the third parties’ circulation of copyright contents online via the services provided by ISP allegedly infringe the right of copyright owners.


The Process


ISPs that support MANII for Copyright Infringement (more to come)